Private Lessons

Learning to dance can seem intimidating and make you feel vulnerable. We believe dancing should be fun, not stressful. In a private lesson, you will learn comfortably at your own pace and level. All steps are carefully broken down to make learning easy and enjoyable.

In addition to dance steps you will also learn: 

- How to communicate through movement with lead and follow skills

- Improve your posture and core strength to carry into your daily life          

- Develop your ear to find the beat of the music

Build confidence and don't sit out on another dance again.

Choose from the many dances we specialize in:

Cha Cha | Rumba | Swing | Bolero | Mambo | Waltz | Tango | Foxtrot | Viennese Waltz | Salsa | Hustle

All lessons run 45 minutes long and can be taken with or without a partner. We offer two convenient locations 

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